Slow TV

Slow TV is long, relaxing videos that have no story or narration. For a brief primer, read Nathan Heller’s 2014 New Yorker article.

Recommended videos

YouTube is an excellent source of videos. You may need to encounter a short advertisement before the video begins, but the resolution is very high and watching is otherwise uninterrupted.

Know of a good slow TV video? Please send it to me.

How to search YouTube for slow TV

  1. Choose a geographical location. e.g., “Norway”.
  2. Add the word “train,” “drive,” or “walk”.
  3. Specify “4K” for the highest resolution.
  4. Combine these terms to search, and then filter by “Long (> 20 minutes)”.

Note: Quality will vary widely and generally be low. The expense of professional AV equipment—with features like image stabilization—is prohibitive in producing even this simple entertainment.

Additional sources

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